Dammusi in affitto a Pantelleria I Jardina

Touristic tours

Discover Pantelleria and its characteristic places with us.

Access to sea
Thermal area
Cultural point
  • Crystal clear sea of karuscia
  • Access to sea


    Easy access to sea. Very close to I JARDINA also by walking

  • Access to sea

    Le Cale

    Cala levante e cala tramontana: you are always right! Protected by the stack, one of the two coves is always suitable for a dip. Easy access. Do not miss the famous elephant arch to swim under its trunk

  • Campobello in Pantelleria
  • Access to sea


    Descent to the sea with flat rocks and easy access to the sea via the marina. Also reachable by walking.

  • Access to sea

    Cala 5 denti

    Challenging descent to sea but it will be like diving into a natural pool full of fishes; do not miss the "Cinderella's shoe"

  • Access to sea
    Thermal area


    Characteristic fishing village, with excellent platforms for sunbathing and easy access to the sea; do not miss the pools of hot thermal water

  • Access to sea

    Laghetto delle ondine

    A natural pool, very close to open sea. Reachable with a beautiful walk from Cala 5 denti or from Punta Spadillo lighthouse

  • Cultural point

    Punta spadillo lighthouse

    Excellent starting point for amazing walks towards Cala Cottone and the Roman path or to reach laghetto delle Ondine. Do not miss the volcanological museum and the pantesco donkey.

  • Pantelleria's capers
  • Cultural point

    Capers museum

    Unique, it will show you the entire process of making capers, from cultivation to conservation. Don't miss the sensory experiences!