Dammusi for rent in Pantelleria

Dammusi I Jardina

Our dammusi reflect the typical structure of those of the pas, although newly built.

If you want to rent a dammuso in Pantelleria, I Jardina offers you beautiful and elegant solutions: our dammusi reflect the typical structure of those of the past, although newly built. Made with vaulted ceilings, white domed roofs and thick local black lava stone walls, our dammusi are perfectly integrated with the surrounding area.

Renting a dammuso in Pantelleria is the perfect solution to fully and authentically immerse yourself in the reality of this “pearl of the Mediterranean”. Those of I Jardina enjoy a beautiful location, perfect to start visiting the island, famous for its cappers and well-known wine: the Passito.

The Mediterranean gardens around dammusi I Jardina give them a natural privacy and alongside the dammusi “Pantesco gardens”, circular constructions with high walls, enclose and protect internally scented lemon trees.

The view of the Mediterranean crystal clear waters is the setting for a vacation entirely dedicated to relaxation and nature: you can spend sunny days by the sea or take refuge in the tranquility of the dammuso, refreshing yourself in the shadow or indulging yourself with a refreshing dive in the pool.

If you really want to experience on holiday far from daily stress, rent a dammuso by I Jardina!