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Pantelleria is a volcanic island, located in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, 110 kilometers from Sicily and 70 kilometers from Tunisia. Thanks to its position, Pantelleria has warm climate, tempered by the sea breezes, especially by Scirocco and Maestrale.

A real pearl in the middle of the sea, characterized by a peculiar landscape that alternates lava flows, coves and big sea stacks, with the island's traditional houses, the dammusi: born as rural spartan stone structures nowadays they have been transformed in luxurious, loving homes, where it is possible spending idle vacations, immersed in fascinating nature and island traditions.

Pantelleria Island offers a lot to everybody wants to discover a place that is still preserving unique time and original space far from the chaotic ones of modern life. A "separate", protected, meditative world in which the individual has the ability to slow down the rhythms, finding a true connection between natural elements and himself.

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